Amaidzing Agency is a top notch cleaning company in Santa Monica!

A Truly Amazing Maid Service!

Do you have a household that requires regular cleaning? Do you wish to hire a professional agency that can provide you with the janitorial service or house cleaning services you need? You don’t need to look any further!

It is our privilege, to present to you Amaidzing Agency!

Situated in Santa Monica, CA, our company will provide you with the high quality house cleaning service you need. Our leading cleaning agency will be glad to assist all customers – residential or commercial! If you need high quality house or janitorial cleaning services performed in your residence or workplace, our company is the way to go. Top notch carpet cleaningBeing a professional and renowned cleaning contractor, our agency can provide you with an exceptional maid service as well – for the times when you need a regularly scheduled residence cleaning!

As the company name implies, Amaidzing Agency employs only the most capable maids in the Santa Monica, CA area. All of our maids are highly experienced and trained – their knowledge and abilities are flexible! The main task entrusted to them by our company, is to perform scheduled cleaning – but if you need someone to greet guests at the door, they can also undertake temporary functions as housekeepers. The training which our maid specialists have received, has refined their esthetic feeling – you can be sure that all of your guests will be greeted and seated with the utmost respect!

by Pablo Zimmerman on Amaidzing Agency
A trustworthy company.

You are considerate, friendly, dedicated and work with professionalism, which is why I'd highly recommend your timely services to everyone! Thank you for the great house cleaning service!

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Amaidzing Agency
Address: Santa Monica, CA 90404
Phone: (310) 461-2007

Besides an outstanding maid service, Amaidzing Agency can also provide a highly efficient janitorial cleaning service – anywhere in Santa Monica, CA! A clean office atmosphere is very important to the people who work there. It is very widely known, that a well maintained work environment increases productivity and improves colleague relations. So if you wish your business to prosper, do not hesitate and contact our cleaning agency – our highly experienced and qualified professionals will deliver the janitorial service that will exceed your expectations!

If perhaps your home is in need of professional house cleaning, we will gladly provide this service as well. Professional housekeeping servicesOur cleaning company is respected by the general public, because our work methods and rules are like a precise clockwork mechanism – every house cleaning procedure is carefully planned, after a brief inspection of the premisses! Our elite, professional house cleaners, come fully prepared – they carry all the necessary equipment and products with them, so you don’t have to worry about supplying them with anything!

You don’t need to employ the services of amateur house cleaners – the lack of motivation they exemplify can also provide you with insight on the quality they deliver. Very often, their lack of professional knowledge about the proper work methods and products, can only provide a “semi-cleaning” service, that pales in comparison to the marvelous results our company delivers. If you desire a house cleaning service of true quality, then our cleaning agency will make it happen!

Here are a few examples, of what our esteemed company can provide for you:

– house cleaning service
– janitorial service
– maid providing service
– and much more!

Our esteemed maid services and cleaning solutions, come at incredibly competitive prices! You don’t have to worry about absurd costs! Get in touch with our friendly staff on the phone number listed below and we will be more than willing to provide you with all the information you require!

(310) 461-2007