UPDATE: We Regret To Inform You That Lincoln Project Founder Rick Wilson Is Still Banging Your Wife

Trigger warning: Contains content most readers will find revolting

August 17, 2023

What's happening: We regret to inform you that Rick Wilson, the disgraced Lincoln Project founder, is still banging your wife behind your back.

• The Washington Free Beacon reported in October 2022 that your wife was begging Rick Wilson to come over and pleasure her.

What he's saying: Wilson, 59, spends nearly every minute of every day on the social networking website formerly known as Twitter. He continues to respond to his male critics, usually to inform them he is sleeping with their wives.

Crucial context: The Lincoln Project is a liberal super PAC best known for losing elections and sheltering a sex predator.

Bottom line: If you have ever criticized Rick Wilson or the Lincoln Project, chances are Rick Wilson is banging your wife. Sorry.

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